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9 Best Men’s Balls and Body Powders

9 Best Men’s Balls and Body Powders


Monkey balls

Swamp ass

Bat wings

Trench stench

Asshole casserole

Whatever unpleasantness you’re dealing with, I think all guys can agree on this: being hot, sweaty, stinky, and chafing sucks. Whether you’re at work, out with friends, at the gym, playing sports, or on a date, no guy wants to feel uncomfortable or self conscious about sweat and unpleasant odor.

Fortunately for us there is a simple, yet highly effective solution that every guy should know about: body powder.

Benefits of Using Body Powder

Body powder is a magical product that is capable of incredible feats of wonder and amazement. At least I think so. Let’s take a look at some common hygiene issues us guys suffer from, and how body powder can help alleviate the problem.

• Sweaty, stinky balls?

No problem. Body powder creates a protective barrier on your nuts that basically tells sweat and odor, “not today bitch.”

• Do you constantly deal with swamp ass, and sweaty underwear?

No guy wants to go through the day with soggy underwear. Body powder helps absorb sweat and moisture, effectively keeping you dry, and your ass feeling good all day.

• Do your feet smell like you went dumpster diving barefoot?

Body powder helps fend off sweat, moisture, and bacteria, keeping your dogs fresh, cool, and dry all day.

• Are your crotch and inner thighs so chafed, you walk like you’re trying to touch your balls to the ground?

Body powder not only soothes red, irritated skin, it also helps stop the problem from reoccurring by preventing sweat and friction in those tight spaces.

If you’re looking for the perfect body powder, or just want to learn a little more about it, read on for my breakdown of the 9 best ball and body powders for men.

The list:

  • Fromonda powder
  • Brickell Stay Fresh powder
  • Jack Black Dry Down
  • Bozak Powder
  • Dude Powder
  • Anti-Monkey Butt Powder
  • Chassis Powder
  • Balla Powder
  • Duke Cannon Dry Ice

9 Best Men’s Ball and Body Powders Reviewed

FRoMoNDA Men’s Care Powder

Fromonda 5 oz bottle of men's ball and body powder citrus IPA

Fromonda men’s care powder was created out of necessity. To put it simply, the founder was sick of his balls chaffing. After struggling to find a natural, masculine smelling powder that actually worked, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Fromonda is formulated using only safe and natural ingredients sourced from small businesses right here in the good ol’ USA. This soothing powder helps prevent: body odor, foot stink, ball funk, moisture, and is safe for sensitive skin. Oh yeah, it smells pretty freakin awesome too. Orange peel and hops essential oil create a refreshingly awesome fragrance that encapsulates the scent of a craft brew citrus IPA in powder form. Magic.

What’s great about Fromonda:

• Lightweight

Gritty, clumpy body powder sucks. It doesn’t last long, and it rarely does what it’s supposed to do. Fromonda powder is smooth, fine, and most importantly it doesn’t build up, or clump in the folds and crevices of your skin. It has a lightweight feeling, and does it’s job without the fuss.

• Natural

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like putting mystery chemicals on your skin. Especially in the nether region. Fromonda’s all natural formulation provides peace of mind, knowing that I’m putting only safe, natural ingredients on my body. It’s also the perfect choice for guys with sensitive skin.

• It lasts all day

This stuff lasts surprisingly long. It’s a little bit more expensive than basic body powders, so not having to reapply multiple times throughout the day is a cost effective win in my book.

• Great scent

I personally think they killed it with this one, but if citrus IPA isn’t your cup of tea, no worries. Fromonda powder comes in a variety of other awesome scents that are sure to please. Including:

  • Woody
  • Cool mint
  • Atonemint

What I don’t like:

It’s a little pricey. But it lasts, so I can’t complain too much.

Brickell – Stay Fresh

4 ounce bottle of Brickell Stay Fresh balls and body powder for men

If you’re unfamiliar with Brickell, it’s time to get acquainted. Founded by two friends who were tired of synthetic, unsafe, and subpar men’s grooming products, Brickell was created with the idea that all-natural and organic based products could perform better. With a long line of premium men’s products available, Brickell has become one of my personal favorite brands when it comes time to handle my grooming needs.

If you want to give your balls the VIP treatment they deserve, look no further than Brickell’s Stay Fresh powder. Formulated with all-natural and organic ingredients, Stay Fresh powder does a kick-ass job of keeping balls and body cool, dry, and irritation free. Offered in a cool minty fresh scent or an unscented version.

What I like about Brickell Stay Fresh powder:

• Keeps you cool

Brickell includes organic aloe leaf powder in their formulation which soothes, hydrates, moisturizes, and has a long lasting cooling effect in the place us guys need it most. Aloe vera is also known for it’s antibacterial properties, which helps keep odor and stink at bay.

• Natural and organic

My favorite part about Brickell products is the fact that they only use safe, natural, and organic ingredients in their products, and their Stay Fresh powder is no different. The ingredient list includes:

  • Corn starch – Naturally absorbs sweat and moisture, while eliminating chaffing, friction, and discomfort at those skin-on-skin contact points (think between the thighs).
  • Aloe vera – This natural moisturizer helps soothe, protect, and fight odor causing bacteria from forming.
  • Pink clay – Naturally reduces skin irritation and inflammation, while being safe for guys with sensitive skin. Kind of the perfect ingredient for the highly sensitive balls and ass crack region.
  • Pro vitamin B5 – This powerful vitamin helps heal and regenerate damaged skin, while it protects and helps maintain the skins natural moisture balance.

• Smells awesome

Offered in a minty fresh scent that smells masculine, and clean. Perfect for maintaining a fresh smelling pair of balls and body, without being too strong or overbearing. It’s also available in an unscented version.

What I don’t like:

It’s pricey

Jack Black – Dry Down

Bottle of Jack Black dry down 6oz bottle

Jack Black is a premium men’s brand that produces a long line of awesome skincare products. Utilizing only safe, natural, and effective ingredients, Jack Black products almost always manage to impress me, and keep me coming back for more.

Dry Down body powder is part of their Performance Remedy line, which is formulated to keep men cool, dry, and irritation free even in the most physically demanding environments. Whether you’re an athlete, couch potato, or anyone in between, this body powder is fully capable of handling it’s business.

What I like about Jack Black Dry Down:

• 1 or 2 applications keeps you dry all day

I wouldn’t expect anything less from a premium brand like Jack Black. Everybody is different, but for most people 1 application after your morning shower, and it does an awesome job of keeping you feeling clean, dry, and odor free all day.

• Friction-free

Pants and underwear have a tendency to mash body parts together down there. This can create a ton of friction, which leads to sweat, odor, and chafing. Dry Down does a great job of alleviating friction on those skin-to-skin areas, and can also help alleviate pre-existing redness and irritation.

• Great smell

In my opinion, most Jack Black products smell pretty damn good. This body powder is no exception. It has a light lavender scent that isn’t overpowering, and doesn’t reach far beyond the point of application. So no conflicts with any other scented products you may wear.

• Smooth texture

The silky smooth texture is a testament to it’s quality. It isn’t gritty or clumpy, and you don’t need to apply a lot for it to do it’s job.

What I don’t like:

Price. I’d like to see Jack Black lower the price on this one.

Bozak Powder

4 ounce bottle of Bozak powder for men's balls and body

Bozak was founded by two college friends that share one thing in common, they both have balls. While both friends ended up taking vastly different career baths after college – ball sweat, chaffing, and discomfort kept them connected. In an effort to free themselves of their discomfort, Bozak powder was formed. Offered in two versions: cooling Bozak Original with menthol (pictured), and Bozak Light (no menthol).

What I like about Bozak:

• Bozak stands behind their product

As crazy as it sounds, Bozak offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee on their powder. While this is more of a positive about the company than the powder, I still think it’s worth mentioning. It’s certainly not everyday you see a company prioritize customer satisfaction, and show that much confidence in their product. My balls salute you Bozak.


While Bozak is offered in a cooling version (original) and a non-cooling version (light) I am partial to the original. Through the power of menthol and peppermint oil, Bozak provides a cooling blast right to your ball sack. I never would’ve thought I’d enjoy getting blasted in the balls so much.

• Very fine

Bozak is a very smooth, fine powder that applies easily and evenly. Tricalcium Phosphate is added to keep the powder silky, and to prevent clumping and caking via a molecular charge. It’s science, bitch.

• Aloe leaf extract

Inflamed, sore, chaffed balls are no fun. That’s why Bozak adds aloe leaf extract which is full of vitamins that help reduce inflammation, and soothe irritated skin. The result is one happy pair of nuts.

What I don’t like:

While it does have a light minty fragrance, I would like the scent to be a bit more bold.

DUDE Powder

4oz bottle of Dude Powder menthol chill

DUDE products has been around since 2011 and as the name suggests, they specialize in products designed specifically for the needs of men. DUDE powder is one of their most recent creations, and is intended to be used daily to maintain dry, stink free crack, balls, pits and feet.

This cooling menthol body powder offers a blast of refreshment right where guys need it most, while corn starch keeps you dry, chafe free, and protected.

What I like about DUDE Powder:

• Cooling

Imagine dumping a bucket of ice water on your balls after baking in the hot sun all day. DUDE powder is kind of like that. Thanks to menthol, this stuff has an invigorating cooling effect that’ll make you want to come back for more.

• A little goes a long way

The very fine, smooth texture makes this powder easy to apply and cover a lot of ground. It won’t build up or clump, and you definitely don’t need to use a ton for it to do it’s thing.

• It lasts all day

DUDE boasts 24 hour protection right on the bottle, and they aren’t far off. This powder will keep you dry and stink free for most of the day. If you’re a heavy sweater, I’d say 2 light applications per day is a safe bet.

• Minty fresh

If you’re like me and enjoy the fresh scent of mint, you’ll love the masculine, invigorating scent of this DUDE Powder menthol chill. If mint isn’t your thing, they also make it in a citrusy version called tropic breeze.

What I don’t like:

For the price I would like to see it offered in a larger size.

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder

Bottle of Anti Monkey Butt powder

The bottle kind of looks like a joke, but this stuff is legit. Anti-Monkey Butt was founded by a couple of avid dirt bike riders that were tired of their asses being sore, red, and chaffed after a long ride. After testing multiple powders that failed to meet their expectations, they decided to formulate their own remedy to the problem.

This masculine smelling body powder offers versatile benefits, and is designed to be used on the body anywhere you want to reduce sweat, stink, chaffing, and aid in healing.

What I like about Anti-Monkey Butt:

• Helps heal

Thanks to the inclusion of calamine, this powder helps promote healing in guys with pre-existing skin conditions. Here’s just a few of the skin benefits of calamine:

  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Helps treat rashes
  • Helps treat jock itch
  • Helps accelerate wound healing

• It lasts

No guy wants to reapply body powder multiple times throughout the day. We want to apply it once, and forget it. While no powder performs with 100% efficacy all day, Anti-Monkey Butt does an awesome job of keeping you dry, and chafe free into the evening hours.

• Prevents chaffing

This stuff was originally formulated to prevent chaffing, and that is exactly what it does best. The super fine powder applies smoothly and evenly, and eliminates friction caused by skin-to-skin rubbing.

What I don’t like:

I’d like to see them offer this in a talc-free version for guys with sensitive skin.

Chassis Premium Powder

Chassis men's ball and body powder 4oz bottle front

Chassis is a men’s care brand that specializes in products designed for below the belt. Boasting the use of only premium ingredients, Chassis believes that they have formulated the top body powder known to man.

This Premium powder offers a slew of unique ingredients you probably won’t find in other body powders that are designed to fight sweat, odor, chafing, and help cool irritated skin. While it’s not the cheapest, or the biggest bottle I’ve ever seen, I will say that a little bit of it does go a long way. It also has a masculine scent that smells pretty damn good.

What I like about Chassis:

• Unique ingredients

I can appreciate innovation, as long as it’s not just innovation for the sake of innovation. Chassis uses a bunch of ingredients in their powder that seem odd when you read the label. As it turns out, most of these ingredients offer some pretty serious skincare benefits:

  • Oat – Moisturizes, soothes irritation, natural antioxidant, promotes healing.
  • Pumpkin seed – Moisturizes, promotes healing, rich in vitamin E.
  • Hops – anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, helps retain moisture.
  • Witch hazel – Reduces inflammation, reduces irritation.

• Keeps you dry

In my opinion, this is one of it’s defining qualities. This stuff keeps you dry. Whether you’re at the gym, or at work, this powder’s ability to maintain a dry undercarriage is pretty damn impressive.

• It lasts

A little bit goes a long way. No need to pile it on. The smooth, fine powder does a great job of covering a lot of surface area, so you don’t need a ton for it to do it’s job effectively. While I’m not crazy about the price, the bottles longevity is the silver lining.

• It doesn’t clump

This isn’t baby powder, or that cheap crap you buy at the grocery store. This powder won’t clump or accumulate in uncomfortable areas. Basically what I’d expect from a premium body powder.

What I don’t like:

Pricey. Even though 1 bottle should last months, I’d still like to see Chassis lower the price.

Balla Powder – Tingle

Balla tingle body powder for men 100g bottle front

Like most men’s grooming brands, Balla got started when they sensed a gap in the market for body product’s designed specifically for men. They now have a full line of product’s designed to keep guys like us smelling clean, fresh, and feeling great.

Their Tingle body powder is designed to keep sweaty areas dry, odor free, and chafe free, while providing a gentle blast of refreshment. Balla claims their Tingle formulation is like, “air conditioning for the soul.” I personally think air conditioning for my nut sack is more accurate.

What I like about Balla Tingle:


Balla Tingle has a nice smooth texture that applies evenly, and doesn’t clump or build-up in those sensitive areas. It provides a thin layer of protection, that does it’s job, without creating any unpleasant after effects.


Okay, not every guy likes the smell of mint, but I personally think this powder smells fresh and masculine. If you’re one of those guys that isn’t fond of mint, Balla offers this powder in a oak & musk scent, and even a fragrance free version.

• Tingle

What’s not to like about a cool, refreshing tingle on your nut sack during a hot summer day? While the powders effectiveness long outlasts the tingling sensation, it’s still feels pretty awesome for a few minutes.

What I don’t like:

Pricey for the quantity. I’d also like to see them make a talc-free version for guys with sensitive skin.

Duke Cannon – Dry Ice

Duke Cannon Dry Ice Trench Warfare men's body and ball powder 6oz bottle front

Duke Cannon has built their brand around the idea that men should be men. Hard working, chivalrous, brave, fixers, builders, and doers. Their products are built to accommodate the daily stresses and strains of the working men, and soldiers of this country.

Their Dry Ice body powder is designed to keep men dry, stink free, chafe free, and provide a cool blast of refreshment thanks to menthol and eucalyptus oil.

What I like about Dry Ice:

• Activated charcoal

I’m a pretty big fan of activated charcoal products, so it’s awesome to see the inclusion of it in this Dry Ice body powder. If you’re unfamiliar with the activated charcoal, here’s a brief rundown of it’s skin benefits:

  • Deodorizes
  • Soothes irritation
  • Detoxifies

• Calamine

If you’re in urgent need of a body powder, chances are you’re suffering from some chafing. This Dry Ice powder contains calamine which has some awesome skin healing benefits:

  • Helps heal wounds
  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Helps heal jock itch
  • Promotes healing in body rashes

• It lasts all day

This stuff is formulated to last all throughout the day, and it doesn’t disappoint. Apply it after your morning shower, and it’ll keep you feeling fresh until the evening hours.

• Helps support US Veterans

Taking inspiration from US military history, Duke Cannon’s staple bar soap has similar dimensions and appearance as the soap issued to soldiers during the Korean War. As a thank you to the men and women who risk their lives for this country, a portion of all proceeds directly supports Veteran causes.

• Great value

One of the bigger bottles on this list, and one of the most affordable, this Dry Ice powder is priced right, and is long-lasting.

What I don’t like:

I’d like to see Duke Cannon introduce a talc-free version for sensitive skin.

How to Powder Your Balls and Body

It might sound like basic common sense. After all, how hard could it be to slather some body powder on your ball bag and ass crack? Well it’s not hard. But I do have a few tips that can extend the life of your bottle of body powder, and help it perform it’s job with optimum efficacy.

• Get clean

Before you even think about dousing your biscuits in flour, hop in the shower. You’re not supposed to put deodorant on dirty pits, and the same rule applies for body powder. After all, you shouldn’t be trying to mask the funk, you should be trying to prevent it. When it comes to washing your stink areas, I recommend using a good exfoliating body wash or bar soap to help slough away dead skin and odor causing bacteria. Check out my list of best soaps for men’s balls.

• Get dry

Powder now? Uh, no. First make sure your body is completely dry and free of moisture. Avoiding a cake batter type effect is the goal here. You’d probably be surprised how much water can hide in your cracks and crevices, so you really need to be thorough with the towel. If you’re feeling really bold go ahead and spread ass in front of a strong fan to get dry – ideally one in the privacy of your own home. Sure it’ll feel hella demeaning, but it gets the job done.

• Be strategic

Now that you’re all clean and dry it’s time to apply the powder. The best practice is to pour a quarter size amount into the palm of your hand, and apply it to the desired areas. This method of strategic placement ensures thorough coverage in trouble areas, and minimizes waste.

Methods like: pouring the powder down your pants, creating a powder bomb in the air, or letting a fan blow it back onto you aren’t very effective, but they are pretty good at creating a complete fucking mess.

In general, most guys use way more powder than necessary. Try applying less than you think you should. You can always apply more if needed.

Thanks for reading. If you have a specific question or comment about any of these products, feel free to leave it in the comments below.