Viking Revolution Activated Charcoal Body Soap Review

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Article updated: April 26, 2023

Founded in 2016 by two bearded friends, Viking Revolution has quickly established themselves as a serious player in the men’s grooming product, and beard care market. Their product line ranges from facial scrubs, beard oils, combs, tattoo care, and pretty much everything in between.

One of the more popular products in their skin care lineup is the activated charcoal body soap. Boasting a ton of positive feedback from users, I found myself intrigued by all the hype.

As a fan of activated charcoal bar soap and it’s many skin benefits, I set out to discover whether the Viking Revolution charcoal body bar is just the product of clever marketing, or is it seriously worth the hype?


Viking Revolution bar soap in packaging

When I first unpackaged this monster of a bar soap, I wondered to myself if a viking would be more inclined to use the thing as a deadly weapon, than a means of getting clean. This 7oz bar packs some serious mass to it. It’s thick, weighty, and looks so badass, I briefly debated whether or not to sully it by actually using it in the shower. I imagine it would look pretty cool displayed on a shelf.

Viking Revolution soap in hand for size reference

Molded onto the face is the Viking Revolution logo, EST 2016, two grooming tools, and a big manly beard. If the size of this thing isn’t enough to convince you it’s built for a man, the beard surely will.

Robust physical features aside, one of the first things I noticed after peeling off the wrapper is the scent. It bears subtle hints of eucalyptus and peppermint that offer a fresh, clean smell without being too strong or overbearing. My nose can be sensitive to big odors, so the subtlety of this scent is a welcome one in my opinion.

Upon close inspection, I noticed the soap itself has a very smooth almost waxy finish to it. I could tell right away that it would probably require the assistance of a wash cloth or loofa in order to reach peak lather.

In the shower

You don’t often see bar soaps offered in this size and shape. Straight out of the box it felt comfortable in my hand, but I wasn’t sure how well it would translate over to the shower once it was all wet and slippery.

As it turns out, it handles pretty damn well. I found it easy to hold, easy to maneuver, and it gets into those deep, dark, hard to reach places with ease – albeit with a few cries for help.

As expected though, I found it difficult to work the soap into a good lather on it’s own. The bar itself is so smooth, it really needs to be worked against something that can provide a bit of friction. Unless you’re: incredibly hairy, got skin made of sandpaper, or The Thing, I recommend using something with a bit of texture to it. A wash cloth proved to be exactly what was needed.


After giving the bar a quick 15 second massage with the wash cloth, this thing came to life. I was quickly covered in a thick, rich lather from head to toe. If you’re shower doesn’t have a anti-slip mat on the floor, be prepared to skate, cause things are gonna get slippery.

The immense lather wasn’t the only guest to the party. Along with the suds came a more intense eucalyptus and peppermint aroma that proved to be quite invigorating. I imagine the scent would offer a great pick-me-up during those early morning showers. Kind of like a gentle kick to the nuts, but without the pain, and the tears.

After the shower

Thanks to the cheap, shitty stuff most people buy at the grocery store, bar soap gets a bad rap for drying out the skin. After using countless premium bar soaps, I know this isn’t true, and it’s certainly not the case with this Viking Revolution charcoal bar.

Post shower my skin felt smooth, clean, and hydrated. No nasty residue, no tight skin feeling, and no dry skin.

I almost always make it a habit to moisturize after a shower, but I was surprised to find my skin didn’t feel like it needed it. I was actually pretty impressed.

Scent wise, I noticed that my skin didn’t hold onto much of the fragrance once I was dried off. For the most part, I’d say the scent doesn’t reach far beyond the confines of the shower. Whether that’s a positive or negative is personal preference.

Caring for the soap

Listen, I’m not telling you to make love to the thing – although I don’t judge – but if you want your Viking Revolution charcoal bar to last as long as possible, you need to take care of it. Here’s a few basic tips on usage and storage that should help you maximize the lifespan of the bar:

• Keep it away from dripping water – While you’re washing your hair, shaving your balls, or doing whatever it is you do in the shower, keep the bar in a dry spot until you’re ready to use it. Sometimes it’s the little things you don’t think about that can decrease the lifespan of the bar.

• Remove it from the shower – If you happen to live alone, you can get away with leaving it in a dry location in the shower. But If you have a wife, girlfriend, or kids that use your shower, I recommend removing it when you’re done. All that extra moisture won’t do the soap any favors.

• Use a washcloth or loofa – Not only does it lather way better with a washcloth or loofa, it’ll last much longer if you use one. Going straight bar-to-skin is great, but it takes longer to get a lather going, and effectively shortens the lifespan of the bar.

• Don’t eat it – Yeah.

While I can’t make any promises due to a wide range of variables, you can expect roughly 4 weeks of daily use with this bar implementing the best practices outlined above.

Thanks for reading my review of Viking Revolution activated charcoal body soap. If you have a question about the soap, or a comment you’d like to share, please leave it down below.