Attention Men: Balls & Groin Chafing and Rubbing? Here’s 6 Tips to End the Suffering

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Article updated: April 26, 2023

Let’s face it, having a ballsack can really suck sometimes.

I mean it’s totally awesome having balls like 98% of the time, but there is that annoying 2% of the time where I kinda-sorta wish I was born without them.

Now don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy being male and wouldn’t change it for anything. But the fact of the matter is there are definitely real-life scenarios where it would be advantageous for us men to be completely void of a nutsack.

Scenario #1 – Ball Shots

Like I said, being a guy and having a pair of balls is almost always fucking awesome — except when it’s kinda not.

One of these less-than-awesome moments in life is when someone or something strikes the balls with the force of a thousand suns.

You know what I’m talking about. We have all been there before. Whether accidentally or intentionally, every guy has taken a shot to the balls at some point in his life.

And if you’ve ever taken a shot to the groin that was painful enough to drop you to your knees, then you know first hand what it’s like to wish you didn’t have a pair of balls in that moment.

While unfortunately there is no way to guarantee you will never get blasted in the balls at any given moment, there are definitely some steps you can take to help minimize the risks:

  • Wear a jockstrap at all times
  • Never stand behind horses or donkeys
  • Constantly be on the lookout for stray flying sports balls
  • Don’t volunteer for dummy duty at a women’s self defense class
  • Steer clear of piñatas

Scenario #2 – Chafed Balls

The second worse-case scenario for men undoubtedly has to be a bad case of chafed balls. While it might not be quite as bad as getting blasted in the balls, it’s absolutely one of the worse discomforts a man can experience in regards to the nutsack.

One of the reasons why chafed balls is so damn uncomfortable is because the pain and discomfort is constant and persistent.

When the balls are chafed it seems like every single basic human function becomes a painful reminder that your nuts are irritated. Walking, running, jogging, cycling, sitting, working, and exercising all become a painful hassle, and even help to make the situation worse.

I personally spent years suffering from periodic ball chafing and discomfort and have experimented with countless products and solutions to help alleviate the problem.

And while I’m certainly no doctor, I do however consider myself a specialist when it comes to eliminating and preventing balls chafing and discomfort. Just ask my balls, they’ll vouch for me.

So if you are absolutely tired of your balls and groin area chafing, read on for my 6 highly effective tips to help end the suffering.

For Starters, What is Chafing?

To put it simply, chafing is skin irritation that is a result of skin rubbing against skin or skin rubbing against clothing. Chafing can happen anywhere on the body where there is skin-to-skin contact or wherever clothing aggressively rubs against the skin.

Man running

The balls and groin area is extremely susceptible to chafing simply because everything in that area is in close proximity to one another. In other words: lots of skin-to-skin rubbing.

Another contributing factor to chafing is excessive heat and moisture. When you combine rubbing, heat, and moisture together, you basically get the perfect environment for skin chafing to develop. It’s no wonder why the groin area and the armpits are the most common areas on the male body to suffer from chafing.

What Does Chafing Feel Like?

Chafing feels like hell. Or at least what I imagine hell to feel like.

Balls and groin chafing is one of most uncomfortable feelings a man can experience. The reason why it’s so uncomfortable is because it impacts basic everyday functions such as walking. When the balls are badly chafed, simply walking can cause pain and further irritate and inflame the affected area.


If I had to describe the feeling in my own words, I’d say chafed skin feels very raw, stinging, burning, and highly irritated.

While there are definitely varying degrees of chafed skin (some get it worse than others), I think us guys can agree that it’s a skin condition that we are better off avoiding.

How to Treat Balls & Groin Chafing

If you’re reading this article there is a pretty good chance that your balls and groin area are currently chafed and causing you a world of pain and discomfort.

If that is you I totally empathize with your plight. I personally have been there many times before.

The good news is that there are plenty of highly effective treatments for the problem.

Take a Break From Physical Activity

Okay this one might seem obvious, but if possible it’s important to take a break from the physical activity that caused your chafing.

Unfortunately in the real world this isn’t always possible. Some of the worst chafing I ever experienced was caused from my job that required me to constantly be on the move in a hot, humid environment.

Inside a gym

Obviously in my situation taking a break from the source of the problem was simply not an option.

But if your chafing has been caused by leisure or physical activities such as running, jogging, cycling, sports, or working out — I recommend taking a break for a few days until you get the chafing under control.

Apply a Healing Ointment Before Bed

The best time to treat chafed balls and groin is while you sleep. Unless you’re an absurdly wild sleeper, the nighttime is when your chafing is the least likely to be agitated and irritated by constant movement.

Applying a healing ointment before bed will not only help soothe inflammation and irritation, but it will also help dramatically speed up the healing process.

While there are plenty of ointments on the market designed to heal chafing, I personally recommend Puriya Wonder Balm. It’s an all-natural ointment that does an awesome job of promoting healing of chafed skin, and it also soothes the skin on contact while reducing inflammation and irritation.

Keep the Area Moisturized and Protected

One of the worst things you can do to heal chafed skin is to leave it unprotected. By applying a moisturizing cream to the affected area you’ll not only help soothe irritation and pain, but you will also help protect the skin from additional friction and rubbing that will make the problem worse.

When it comes to keeping the balls and groin area moisturized, I highly recommend Chassis Restoration Cream. This male grooming cream is specifically designed for the balls and is intended to moisturize, hydrate, and protect the skin. It also helps soothe irritation and even helps promote healing thanks to its unique blend of natural extracts.

How to Prevent Chafing

Powder Your Junk

Hands down one of the best ways to prevent chafing is to apply a high quality body powder to the groin area.

A good body powder will not only eliminate skin-on-skin rubbing but it will also help keep the groin area cool, dry, and protected.

Man dumping white powder on his face

One of my personal favorite powders for the balls and groin area is Galaxy Dust Powder “Asteroid”. This all-natural powder is designed specifically for the balls, and it does an excellent job of preventing chafing, skin irritation, and discomfort. It also provides a blast of cooling refreshment that, I must admit, feels borderline orgasmic on a hot summer day.

Alternatively you can check out my list of 11 best ball and body powders for men.

Slather on Some Lotion

Did you know that there’s lotion specifically designed to prevent ball chafing, irritation, and discomfort?

That’s right, lotion that is formulated to be applied directly to the balls, ass, and groin area. What a time we live in.

When it comes to preventing ball and groin chaffing, I highly recommend Tame the Beast Nutt Butter Extreme. This cooling lotion as an excellent alternative to powder. Simply spread a thin layer on trouble areas such as the balls, inner thighs, and ass crack. The quick drying lotion leaves the skin feeling cool, refreshed, and best of all prevents rubbing, chafing, irritation, and discomfort all day.

If you want to learn more about balls lotion, check out my list of 9 best lotions and creams for men’s balls.

Change Your Underwear

While the idea of switching to a new type of underwear might be out of the question for some men, it should definitely be something worth considering if you regularly suffer from balls and groin chafing.

When it comes to preventing chafing, the best type of underwear tends to be boxer briefs. Since most boxer briefs are designed to hug the body and cover the inner thigh area, they do a really good job of eliminating skin-on-skin rubbing.

Boxers on the other hand tend to be loose and free flowing. While this does offer plenty of comfort and breathability, it unfortunately leaves lots of room for the balls and thighs to rub together.

Briefs actually do a pretty good job of preventing ball chafing, but kind of suck for inner thigh chafing because they don’t offer any coverage in that area.

At the end of the day it all comes down to trial and error in regards to underwear. If you are experiencing re-occurring chafing, I recommend experimenting with a different style and cut of underwear.

Best Products to Prevent Balls & Groin Chafing

Having chafed balls really sucks. That’s why it’s important to have some products on hand that are specifically designed to prevent the problem.

Like I mentioned earlier, I personally spent years dealing with periodic balls chafing and have experimented with countless products to help alleviate the problem.

And while I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a know-it-all when it comes to matters of the ballsack, I would however say that I’ve become quite familiar with the products that really work, and the ones that really don’t.

Below is a short list of some of my personal favorite products for preventing chafed balls and groin.

The Lineup:

Galaxy Dust – Body Powder

A bottle of Galaxy Dust body powder for men
Galaxy Dust Body Powder

If you’re looking to put an end to painful crotch chafing and discomfort, I highly recommend you check out Galaxy Dust’s line of premium ball and body powders. Formulated using all-natural ingredients, Galaxy Dust Body Powder puts an end to painful chafing, rubbing, and irritation while kicking the shit out out of heat, sweat, odor, and discomfort.

This multi-purpose powder is simply a must have for any guy who deals with chafing anywhere on the body — particular on the balls, ass, groin, or even the armpits.

Application is quick and easy. Simply sprinkle a little bit of the powder into the palm of your hand and apply to your trouble areas. The silky smooth powder not only prevents rubbing and chafing, but their “Asteroid” scent also provides a blast of cooling refreshment that feels pretty damn incredible on a hot and sweaty pair of balls.

Available in 7 scent options for men, including:

  • Asteroid – Fresh, cool mint
  • Planet X – Fresh, extra cool mint
  • Eclipse – Unscented
  • Banish – Cedarwood & Oud
  • Vanquish –Citrus, Amber, & Wood
  • Blackhole – Sandalwood & Musk
  • Hyperdrive – Pineapple, Wood, Citrus & Leather

Chassis – Restoration Cream

Bottle of Chassis Restoration Cream

Restore order inside your pants with Chassis Restoration Cream. If you haven’t yet figured it out, Chassis is a men’s line of grooming products that is specifically designed for the balls and groin region. And just like their balls powder, their Restoration Cream is one of my favorite products for effectively preventing and eliminating painful chafing, irritation, and discomfort.

This silky smooth lotion/cream is designed for the groin area but can safely be applied anywhere on the body where skin on skin rubbing and friction occurs.

It’s designed to nourish, hydrate, and soften the skin, while natural botanicals and extracts soothe and help to promote healing. It can be used on its own or in combination with Chassis Powder to help provide the ultimate protection from chafing and irritation.

Tame the Beast – Nutt Butter Extreme

Bottle of Tame the Beast Nutt Butter Extreme

If powder isn’t your thing, consider taming your chafing problem with Tame the Beast Nutt Butter Extreme lotion. Tame the Beast specializes in grooming products designed specifically for us guys — which kind of makes sense considering Nutt Butter Extreme is intended to be applied to a nutsack. Formulated to eliminate sweat, odor, and of course chafing and discomfort, this lotion is the perfect compliment to your daily routine if you’re tired of dealing with chafing in your groin region.

But wait, what’s so extreme about it? The refreshing tingle is extreme! Compared to Tame the Beast’s original Nutt Butter lotion, this Extreme version offers a level of cooling refreshment that is probably borderline illegal in most states.

So not only does it put an end to chafing and irritation, but it also provides enough tingle and refreshment to leave your balls feeling like they’re doing an Irish jig. It kind of has to be experienced to be believed.

And if the Extreme version sounds like too much tingle for your sack to handle, don’t worry. Nutt Butter is also available in these less intense, but just as effective, versions:

  • Tame the Beast – Nutt Butter Original
  • Tame the Beast – Nutt Butter Blue

Chassis – Shower Primer

Bottle of Chassis Shower Primer

If you didn’t think that chafing prevention could start in the shower then you would be dead wrong, my friend. Chassis Shower Primer is a ball wash that not only thoroughly cleanses and deodorizes the nutsack, but it also effectively reduces chafing and irritation.

This one-of-a-kind wash is formulated using a unique blend of botanicals and extracts that soften the skin and leave the groin area feeling incredibly smooth and friction free.

As you already know, chafing is caused by excessive skin-to-skin contact. By smoothing and softening the skin, Shower Primer dramatically reduces rubbing and helps keep the peace down below.

If you’re looking for a simple yet highly effective solution to balls and groin chaffing, Chassis Shower Primer is definitely worthy of consideration.

Tip: Check out the full Chassis gift set.

Chafed Balls & Groin Q&A


My balls and groin area chafe when I’m running, bicycling, or at the gym. What can I do to stop it?


Chafed balls and groin is an extremely common problem amongst athletes, especially joggers and bicyclists. One of the most effective solutions to the problem is to apply a good ball or body powder before your workout. Ball/body powder not only helps prevent sweat and moisture, but it will also help eliminate skin-on-skin rubbing that leads to ball irritation and discomfort.


I want to use powder on my chafed balls but I heard that some powders contain talc which has been linked to cancer.


While some ball/body powders do in fact contain talc, there are plenty of great powders out there that do not. Talc is a natural occurring mineral that is mined from the earth. While talc itself is generally considered safe, the problem is that some talc has been shown to contain trace amounts of cancer causing asbestos. Nowadays talc containing products are required to undergo testing before hitting the marketplace. This testing is designed to detect asbestos and help keep beauty products safe. But since talc has developed a bad rap over the years, many companies are choosing to forego its usage in their products. If you want to use powder on your groin area but prefer to avoid talc, there are plenty of great options that substitute baking soda and cornstarch in lieu of talc.


My balls and groin area is chafed and extremely sore. Will powder help ease the pain, or is it too late?


It’s too late. They will likely fall off within a few days…. kidding of course. Actually ball powder does its best work on chafed, irritated balls. In fact many ball powders contain ingredients that help cool and soothe the skin, and even promote healing. If your balls are currently in a world of shit, I recommend you check out Galaxy Dust Powder. Not only does Galaxy Dust Body Powder provide cooling relief, but it’s also full of ingredients that will help speed up the healing process. You can get Galaxy Dust Body Powder here.


My balls are easily chafed, could my underwear be playing a role?


The type of underwear you wear can absolutely play a role in recurring ball chafing. While boxers are great for providing a loose, comfortable fit, they are probably the worst type of underwear to wear if you are prone to chafing. The reason is because they don’t do a very good job of preventing skin-on-skin rubbing. My advice is to switch to briefs or better yet: boxer briefs. Boxer briefs are designed to hug the skin while providing enough length to protect the inner thighs. This dramatically helps reduce the likelihood of rubbing, while also helping to absorb sweat and moisture.


My groin chafes worse in the cold winter months then in the hot summer. What’s up with that?


We’ve come to associate groin chafing with hot, humid weather, but the fact is that’s not the only time the groin can become chafed and irritated. While many men experience chafing due to excess heat, sweat, and moisture, there are plenty of men that chafe during the winter because their skin is overly dry. If you experience a badly chafed groin area when it’s cold outside, I highly recommend you start using a moisturizing lotion that’s specifically designed for the balls and groin area.


When is the best time to treat chafed balls?


All day every day. If your balls are chafing, you should make sure the affected area is covered with a ball powder or cream at all times. At the very least you should be applying a healing powder or cream right before bed.


Does being overweight make you more susceptible to groin chafing and irritation?


It can, absolutely. Being overweight increases the likelihood of chafed balls due to the fact that there is a lot of extra friction and skin-on-skin rubbing in the crotch area. Being overweight also increases the chances of heat and sweat accumulation around the balls which can play a huge role in the development of chafing. For men who are overweight I highly recommend using a cooling body powder in trouble areas to help reduce heat, sweat, and friction that commonly leads to irritation.


What’s the difference between chafing and jock itch? Are they the same?


Actually no, they are not the same. Chafing is a skin condition that is caused by friction and rubbing. Jock itch on the other hand is a skin condition caused by fungus and bacteria. Jock itch treatment requires medicated creams and powders that are designed to target and kill fungus and bacteria.


Are there any effective home remedies to treat groin chafing?


Yes. Balls and groin chafing can be a pretty uncomfortable experience. That’s why it’s common for men to browse the internet in search of an immediate solution to the problem. That’s why I gathered some all-natural, DIY treatments that you can make using basic ingredients that you probably have sitting in your cupboard.

Aloe vera

Applying aloe vera to chafed skin not only provides immediate cooling relief, but it can also help speed up the healing process. Aloe vera has long been used for medicinal purposes due to its ability to treat burns and other minor skin wounds.

Oatmeal bath

Oatmeal baths have been used for centuries to treat a wide range of skin conditions such as sunburn, eczema, psoriasis, and chicken pox. Oatmeal is full of medicinal qualities that help soothe the skin and reduce inflammation. Simply add 2 cups of raw oats to a bath of warm water, and soak in the tub for about an hour.


Are there any effective home remedies to prevent groin chafing?


Yes. You don’t necessarily have to spend money if your goal is to prevent chafing, irritation, and discomfort. In fact one of the first treatments I ever used to help prevent chafing was an ingredient I that I had sitting in my house.


Cornstarch was the first thing I ever used to help prevent chafing and discomfort while I was at work. And while I eventually graduated to something a bit more effective, it certainly helped alleviate some of the problem. Cornstarch makes a simple, yet effective DIY treatment for chafed skin due to its ability to absorb excess moisture, reduce itching, soothe the skin, and prevent further friction, rubbing, and irritation.

Baby powder

Baby powder is designed to reduce the friction and rubbing that is commonly caused by baby diapers. So naturally it can be used by men to achieve similar results — as long as you don’t mind smelling like a baby.


I tried using Gold Bond powder to prevent my balls from chafing but it burns and stings. Why?


Gold Bond powder is one of the most common and often used powders for preventing groin chafing, sweat, and odor. And while Gold Bond works well for many men, there are some men who have reported negative experiences while using it – namely burning and stinging.

The reason why Gold Bond can cause a burning sensation when applied to the balls and groin area is because it contains menthol and some men can be quite sensitive to the stuff. Menthol is supposed to provide a cooling sensation when applied to the skin but for guys who have a menthol sensitivity, the sensation is more along the lines of burning and stinging.

If this is you, I recommend staying away from body powders that contain menthol and stick to non-cooling powders instead.

And there you have it, 6 effective methods to eliminate and prevent balls and groin chafing. If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out my article: How to Keep Your Balls Fresh, Cool, and Dry All Day. As always, if you have any comments or questions feel free to drop me a line in the comment section below.