How to Keep Your Balls Fresh, Cool, and Dry All Day

How to Keep Your Balls Fresh, Cool, and Dry All Day

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Updated: July 11, 2020
By Derek Martin

What’s up with balls?

I mean, I get why us guys have balls and the function they serve, but my question is why the fuck do they have to sweat so much and smell so bad?

As it turns out, our balls are prone to sweat and odor simply because they spend the majority of the day crammed in the crotch of our pants with little to no air circulation.

No air circulation + body heat = sweat

And sweat leads to odor.

Man with text saying, "makes sense to me."

But believe it or not, sweat itself doesn’t have an odor that’s perceptible to the human nose. The stink that’s emanating from your ballsack isn’t technically caused by sweat, it’s actually caused by thioalcohols.

So, mystery solved.

But wait, you’re probably wondering what the fuck thioalcohols are, and more specifically: what you can do to rid yourself of them, right?

To put it simply, thioalcohols are produced when sweat interacts with the bacteria on your skin. And since bacteria is attracted to warm, moist environments, your nutsack quickly becomes the place to be when temperatures rise and juices start flowing.

If only women were drawn to our crotches that easily.

Women holding 2 balls

So anyway, while these microscopic bacteria are chowing down on your ball sweat like there’s no tomorrow, they are producing a crap ton of thioalcohols, which just so happen to smell a lot like eggs, onion, broccoli, meat, and even cheese. Yummy.

Now that you understand exactly what causes testicle odor, it now becomes a matter of preventative maintenance.

So here’s what we learned so far:

Balls + Cool + Dry = 👍🏼

Balls + Hot + Moist = 👎🏼

While I’m sure most of you guys have excellent grooming habits, sometimes that’s simply not enough to keep ball sweat and odor at bay. Sometimes you you have to take your crotch hygiene to the next level if basic cleansing is simply not cutting it.

That’s why I want to share with you a few glorious products that I use on a daily basis to help kick the shit out ball sweat and odor:

Chassis Shower Primer – A shower gel that’s specifically formulated to be used on the balls. It not only eliminates ball odor and bacteria, but it also helps keeps balls fresh and clean throughout the day.

Chassis Restoration Cream – A creamy lotion that is designed to be applied to the ballsack to help moisturize the skin and to prevent chafing, irritation, and odor.

Chassis Powder – A do-it-all powder that is designed to be applied to the balls and the entire crotch region. It not only prevents sweat and perspiration, but it also provides cooling relief, it stops odor in its tracks, and it even eliminates friction, rubbing, irritation, and discomfort.

Chassis products on a table

While you can absolutely use each one of these products individually, I highly recommend using them as a complete 3-step system.

I like to call it the: Keep-Your-Balls-and-Ass-Crack-Feeling-Fresh-Cool-Clean-and-Dry System.

The name’s kind of long but I think it works.

Chassis Shower Primer

Bottle of Chassis Shower Primer

The first step in my Keep-Your-Balls-and-Ass-Crack-Feeling-Fresh-Cool-Clean-and-Dry System is using the Chassis 5-in-1 Shower Primer. Unlike traditional bar soaps and body washes, Chassis Shower Primer gel is specifically formulated for the ballsack and crotch region.

This one of a kind gel not only thoroughly cleanses the balls, but it also does an awesome job of keeping ball sweat and odor at bay throughout the day. It also helps soften pubic hair, moisturize, and it even leaves the skin feeling noticeably softer and silky smooth.

I particularly like the way it helps reduce skin-on-skin friction between the legs, and also helps prevent my sack from sticking to my thighs (batwings) on humid days.

When it comes to ball hygiene and preventative maintenance, Chassis Shower Primer is definitely a huge step up from basic bar soaps and shower gels. In fact I’ve never encountered anything else quite like it.

Get free 2 day shipping on Chassis Shower Primer here.

Chassis Restoration Cream

Bottle of Chassis Restoration Cream

The next step in the system is using the Chassis Restoration Cream. This easy to apply ball lotion is specifically designed to moisturize and hydrate the nutsack, prevent odor, reduce skin-on-skin friction, and leave the balls with a long-lasting clean feeling.

And although I recommend using Chassis Restoration Cream on a clean nutsack, I can personally attest to its effectiveness on a hot, sweaty pair of balls.

Running short on time one day, I decided to forgo taking a shower even though my balls weren’t exactly feeling fresh. In a hurry I reached for my bottle of Chassis Restoration Cream in hopes that it would help me feel a little less disgusting in my crotch region, but in all honesty I wasn’t expecting much.

After a quick application of the cream I was surprised to realize that my balls not only felt softer and smoother, but they actually felt fresh-out-of-the-shower clean.

Since then I always try to keep a bottle of Restoration Cream on hand when showering isn’t an option, and on hot and humid summer days.

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Chassis Powder

Bottle of Chassis Powder

The last step in the system is applying Chassis Premium Powder. This multipurpose ball powder is an absolute must have for gentlemen who often deal with hot and sweaty balls.

Chassis Powder is not only designed to prevent sweat and perspiration, but it also provides a refreshingly cool chill to the balls that feels downright orgasmic on a humid day.

Many of my readers often ask me if using Gold Bond or baby powder on the balls is effective at preventing sweat and odor, and I always recommend Chassis Powder to them because this stuff is legitimately fucking awesome.

While I highly recommend all 3 Chassis products, I can say without a doubt that their Powder is my favorite product.

Another thing that I really like about Chassis Powder is that it’s available in 4 options:

Chassis Premium Powder – Keeps balls fresh and dry with a touch of cooling refreshment and a clean, masculine scent.

Chassis Premium Powder Unscented – Offers all the same benefits as Chassis Premium Powder but it’s completely scent free.

Chassis Premium Powder ICE – Keeps balls fresh, dry, and smelling clean, but turns things up a notch in the cooling department. Perfect for guys who like a strong refreshing chill on their sack.

Chassis Premium Powder ICE MAX – Chassis wasn’t fucking around when they formulated this powder. Not only does it keep balls fresh, dry, and smelling good, but it provides an intense blast of cooling refreshment that’s borderline illegal in most states. This one is my go-to Chassis Powder during the hot summer months.

Get free 2 day shipping on Chassis Powder here.

More Ways to Keep Your Balls Fresh, Cool, and Dry

Wash your balls properly

So this first one sounds pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many guys do a piss poor job of washing their ballsack. Casually hand lathering your balls with soap is not an effective way to eliminate and prevent odor.

If you hope to keep your balls smelling fresh and clean throughout the day, it’s important for you to really put a little bit of elbow grease into your ball cleansing routine.

A public shower room

If you shower daily but still struggle with ball stink throughout the day, there is a pretty good chance that you’re not cleansing yourself properly in the shower and your balls were never fully clean to begin with.

As you know, the main cause of ball odor is an accumulation of sweat and bacteria. Soap and water do an okay job of washing away some of the problem, but the truth is you really need to incorporate some scrubbing power into your cleansing routine if you intend to give your balls a fresh, “clean slate.”

So instead of lathering your balls with your hands, I personally recommend using a washcloth or loofah. The textured surface on washcloths and loofahs do a much more effective job of sloughing away dead skin and odor causing bacteria. This will help keep your balls smelling fresher for longer.

Shave your balls

Shaving your balls might be where some of you guys draw the line but you should at least hear me out.

For starters, did you know that pubic hair traps odor and bacteria? This can often mean that no matter how well you clean and scrub yourself down there, you may still be harboring bacteria and odor in your pubes. By ridding yourself of your crotch sweater, you also might be eliminating a source of odor.

A blue razor

Another great reason to consider shaving your balls is to reduce the temperature down there. Hair acts as a natural insulator which does a really good job of keeping body heat in. By removing this insulation you’ll allow yourself to more easily dissipate heat, essential keeping you cooler and reducing ball sweat.

If you’re really hesitant about manscaping, the good news is that a clean shave isn’t always necessary. If you simply perform an occasional trim down there you’ll undoubtedly notice an improvement in your crotch temperature, sweat, and odor.

Reconsider your underwear

The key to keeping your balls cool throughout the day is to allow as much air flow to reach your crotch as possible. This can be accomplished in a number of ways:

1. Let it all hang out

You walk around with your junk exposed for the world to see 🌭. While this option might be very tempting on a hot summer day, unfortunately there are laws against this sort of behavior.

2. Switch to boxers

If you wear briefs or boxer briefs and you regularly deal with your balls overheating, I highly recommend you consider switching to boxers — at least on hot days. Since boxers tend to offer a looser fit, they allow much more air to circulate in and out. This not only helps cool air to enter in, but it also permits body heat to escape — which is crucial for keeping balls cool and dry.

Fabric also plays a critical role. Since briefs and boxer briefs are designed to provide a tight, contoured fit, it’s not uncommon for the materials they are made of to contain spandex. While this synthetic fiber is great for creating a close, comfortable fit — it isn’t known to be very breathable.

Boxers on the other hand tend to be constructed of 100% cotton fabric which is one of the most breathable materials on earth.

3. Go commando

When all else fails consider forgoing underwear altogether. The freedom and breathability that you will experience while not wearing underwear is certainly liberating.

There you have it. Plenty of effective ways to keep your balls fresh, cool, and dry. If you found this article helpful, check out my article covering the best ball and body wipes for men. As always, if you have any comments or questions feel free to drop me a line in the comment section below.