OUCH!! Why Does Gold Bond Burn My Balls?

OUCH!! Why Does Gold Bond Burn My Balls?

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Article updated: April 26, 2023

AAAHHHHHH!!!! Holy SHIT that burns!!

Sound familiar?

If you found this article, chances are you had a very unpleasant experience with a bottle of Gold Bond powder. Amiright?

A picture of 2 men in pain

A while back I wrote an article discussing whether Gold Bond powder is safe to put on the balls and since then I have received countless comments and emails from men asking me why their balls burn when they apply Gold Bond powder down there.

But before we get into the why, I want to state that Gold Bond powder is actually considered safe for most men to apply to their balls – but not all men unfortunately.

The reason why some men experience burning and stinging when they apply Gold Bond to their balls is because Gold Bond powder contains menthol.

A bunch of mint leaves

What Exactly is Menthol?

You’ve likely heard of menthol many times before but do you know what it is?

Menthol is an organic compound that is obtained from the oils of mint plants such as peppermint and spearmint.

Menthol is added to skincare products for its cooling and soothing properties and it’s also a common flavor additive in gum, candy, beverages and even tobacco. Newports anyone?

While menthol is generally considered safe in low doses, it can cause some uncomfortable burning and stinging if you happen to be sensitive to the stuff.

For most men, menthol provides a refreshing, cooling sensation when applied to the skin and balls. For men with a menthol sensitivity, that cooling sensation is interpreted as painful stinging and burning. No bueno.

Let it burn meme

The funny thing is, even if you do have a sensitivity to menthol you still might be able to use Gold Bond powder on your body – just not your ballsack.

The reason why you’re especially sensitive to menthol down there is because the skin that comprises your balls is pretty thin – about 8mm thick – and is known to be very sensitive and susceptible to pain.

Unfortunately the balls tend to be one of the major stink zones on the male body which makes skipping out on the Gold Bond powder kind of a stinky situation – literally.

What’s a Good Alternative to Gold Bond Powder?

If you experience burning when you apply Gold Bond to your Balls, that is something you’ll definitely want to avoid.

Unfortunately all current versions of Gold Bond powder contain menthol so you should consider using an alternative body/ball powder that is menthol free.

Since most “cooling body powders” will contain some degree of menthol, I recommend sticking with a non-cooling alternative.

A bottle of Vanquish body powder from Galaxy Dust
Galaxy Dust – Vanquish Body Powder for Men

While there are quite a few non-cooling body powders for men on the market, my personal favorite is Galaxy Dust – Vanquish Body Powder for men. It has a masculine Citrus, Amber, & Wood scent and is completely menthol free. If Vanquish isn’t to your liking, they also offer a multiple other scents for men including an unscented option.

If you would like more suggestions you can check out my full review of the best ball and body powders for men.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments feel free to drop me a line in the comment section below.