Best Poop Sprays for the Toilet

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Article updated: April 26, 2023

Are you tired of leaving the bathroom smelling like ass?

Or maybe you’re tired of walking into your bathroom only to be welcomed by a big whiff of the previous occupants unsavory butthole fumes.

Whatever your current bathroom situation is, I think we can all agree that when it comes to matters of the butthole it’s a simple fact of life that everybody’s shit stinks.

Person sitting on the toilet

While there are plenty of product options available on the market that help mask the scent of poop such as aerosol sprays or plug-in bathroom fresheners, the unfortunate truth is that most of these products don’t actually work that well.

The reason why these products tend to fail miserably is because the scent of poop is actually very hard to mask. It’s kind of like spraying perfume onto a turd. Sure, the perfume might hide the turd smell momentarily, but eventually the scent of the turd will take over.

Don’t Mask the Stink, Prevent the Stink!

When it comes to eliminating poop smell from the bathroom, the real trick is to prevent the stink — not mask it.

While preventing the smell of poop might sound like it involves some form of witchcraft or wizardry, it’s thankfully not all that complicated.

Thanks to a few miracles of modern day science and some intense studies involving smelly bowel movements, scientists have developed one of the most important inventions of the 21st century: Toilet spray.

Toilet spray is designed to be applied directly to the toilet water prior to dumping in order to trap offending ass stink inside the bowl. While the concept sounds pretty simple, it can sometimes be a challenge to find a toilet spray that actually gets it right.

So in order to help you put an end to unsavory bathroom odors, I created this list of best performing poop sprays for the toilet. Enjoy.

The Lineup:

Best Poop Sprays for the Toilet Reviewed

Poo-Pourri – Trap-A-Crap

Top pick banner for best poop spray for the toilet
Bottle of Poo-Pourri Trap-A-Crap toilet spray

When it comes to poop-stink preventative maintenance, Poo-Pourri has established itself as one of the most popular and highly effective solutions on the market. Founded back in 2007, Poo-Pourri was the first product of its kind. Formulated using essential oils, this spray is designed to be applied to the toilet bowl pre-shit to help trap unpleasant odors inside.

Poo-Pourri works by creating a thin, invisible layer on the surface of the water that blocks any and all shit fumes from escaping the toilet bowl.

While many of their original scents were designed with women in mind, Poo-Pourri now offers a bunch of scents that appeal to the male demographic as well. One of my personal favorites is “Trap-A-Crap” which is a masculine blend of cedarwood and citrus.

A few more of their popular scents include:

  • Original Citrus – Lemon, bergamot, lemongrass
  • Tropical Hibiscus – Hibiscus, apricot, citrus
  • Ship Happens – Coconut, freesia, citrus
  • Smokey Woods – Cedar, hickory, citrus
  • Royal Flush – Eucalyptus, spearmint

Poo-Pourri – Master Crapsman Gift Set

Poo-Pourri Master Crapsman gift box

Become the master of your domain, or at least your shitter, with this Master Crapsman gift set from Poo-Pourri. Offered in a unique toolbox shaped box, this gift set features two of Poo-Pourri’s most popular toilet spray scents for men, including:

  • Trap-A-Crap – A masculine blend of cedarwood and citrus.
  • Royal Flush – A clean, fresh blend of eucalyptus and spearmint.

Just like all of Poo-Pourri’s toilet sprays, the Master Crapsman gift set is intended to be applied to the toilet water pre-shit to help trap offending odors and stink inside.

Simply spritz 2-3 sprays to the toilet water before popping a squat, and bask in the glory of Poo-Pourri’s fresh, all-natural essential oils.

Poo-Pourri – Heavy Doody

Bottle of Poo-Pourri Heavy Doody poop spray for the toilet.

If you or someone else in your household is the purveyor of some extremely foul smelling bowl movements, you might want to consider this extra strength toilet spray from Poo-Pourri. Aptly named “Heavy Doody”, this toilet spray features an extra powerful dose of odor eliminating essential oils including: Cedarwood, pine, and citrus.

Unlike Poo-Pourri’s standard line of toilet sprays, “Heavy Doody” is formulated to deodorize even the most toxic, nauseating, and heinous smelling shits that your butthole can produce.

While I advise you to use this toilet spray at your own discretion, here’s a few scenarios where you will likely find yourself in need of the extra strength odor fighting power of Heavy Doody:

  • You’re suffering from a bad bout of diarrhea.
  • Taco Bell is on the menu for dinner tonight.
  • You shamelessly polished off a case of Natural Ice beer last night.

Mask – Toilet Spray

Bottle of Mask poop spray for the toilet.

If you’re looking for a truly unique smelling toilet spray, I recommend checking out what Mask has to offer. Similar in form and function to Poo-Pourri, Mask Toilet Spray is designed to be sprayed in the toilet prior to elimination to help trap offending stink and odor inside.

And while the concept behind Mask Toilet Spray isn’t exactly new, they have created a long list of really unique and interesting scents that make their toilet sprays worth checking out.

My personal favorite is their Teakwood & Tobacco scent (pictured), but they also offer a bunch of fun and interesting scents that really help the Mask brand stand out from the crowd, including:

  • Fifty Shades
  • Green Tea & Lemongrass
  • Coconut & Lime
  • Fruity Loops
  • Bubblegum Blast
  • Cotton Candy
  • Black Raspberry & Vanilla
  • Champagne & Strawberries
  • Salted Carmel Ice Cream
  • Baked Strawberry Donut
  • Campfire Smoke

Unicorn Gold – Toilet Spray

Spray bottle of Unicorn Gold toilet spray.

If you didn’t think that toilet spray could get any more ridiculous, then you clearly never heard of Unicorn Gold by Squatty Potty. Formulated with natural essential oils and REAL GOLD nano-particles, this toilet spray gives your turd a royal sendoff as it ventures into the great unknown.

And as ridiculous as real gold nano-particles in a poop spray may sound, the science behind it says that gold particles actually do a really good job of eliminating sulfur compounds which cause poop to stink.

So not only does Unicorn Gold act as a powerful deodorizer, but it’s also full of essential oils that that trap odor below the surface of the water and help add a fresh scent to the bathroom.

Unicorn Gold is available in these fresh scents:

  • Mystic Forest
  • Citrus Forest
  • Tropical Dropsicle
  • Fruity Booty
  • Pinch of Vanilla

Dude Bombs – Toilet Pods

Package of Dude Bombs.

Okay so Dude Bombs aren’t technically a toilet spray at all, but they work and function pretty much the same. Some people even claim that they are quicker and easier to use than a toilet spray.

While Dude Bombs look more like something you should be putting into a dishwashing machine, they are actually designed to be dropped into the toilet to help trap and eliminate offending odors.

These “pod” shaped toilet deodorizers are full of fragrance oils that emit the scent of lavender, cedar, lime, and eucalyptus once they dissolve in the toilet water. Similar to a toilet spray, Dude Bombs create an invisible layer on the surface of the water that traps stink and odor inside.

So while Dude Bombs might not technically be a toilet spray, they are however very effective and really simple to use.

Air Wick – Poop Toilet Spray

Bottle of Air Wick poop toilet spray.

You might associate Air Wick brand with those aerosol air freshener sprays, but did you know they now offer their own line of toilet sprays?

Similar in function to popular toilet sprays such as Poo-Pourri, Air Wick Poop Toilet Spray is designed to be sprayed into the toilet pre-crap to help block offending stink and odor from escaping the bowl.

Formulated with essential oils and fragrance oils, Air Wick Poop Toilet Spray is a legit and affordable option when it comes to preventing poop stink from taking over the bathroom.

Thanks for checking out my list of best poop sprays for the toilet. If you found this article helpful be sure to check out my tips on how to get rid of poop smell from the bathroom fast. As always if you have any comments or questions, feel free to drop me a line in the comment section below.