8 Best Strong (Firm) Hold Pomades for Men

8 Best Strong (Firm) Hold Pomades for Men

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Article updated: April 26, 2023

Are you tired of weak pomades that don’t have the balls to keep your hair looking its best all day?

Are you sick of spending your mornings in front of the mirror perfecting the perfect pompodour or side part only to have your hair pomade take a giant shit halfway through the day?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this list of best strong hold pomades is definitely for you my friend.

Each one of these pomades is specifically formulated to keep pompadours pomping, quiffs quiffing, and side parts…. side partying, I guess?? I don’t know.

Either way, whatever difficult to manage style you’re trying to achieve these pomades are amongst the best of the best when it comes to quality, control, and incredible hold.

So if you’re sick of pomades that just don’t have what it takes to keep your style looking its absolute best all day, then read on for my list of best strong hold pomades for men. Enjoy.

The List:

Best Strong Hold Pomades Reviewed

Rocky Mountain Barber Co.

Top pick award - best strong hold pomade
Tin of Rocky Mountain Barber Co. firm hold pomade

If you’re in search of the best strong hold pomade for men, I recommend you check out this offering from Rocky Mountain Barber Company. Not only does this gel type pomade provide a strong, all-day hold, but it’s formulated with natural ingredients, it’s priced very affordably, and it’s offered in a good size 5 ounce tin that is quite a bit bigger than most of its competitors. If you’re unfamiliar with Rocky Mountain Barber Company, they are a Canada based brand that specializes in men’s grooming products including: soap, body wash, beard care, skincare, haircare, combs, and brushes.

What else is great about Rocky Mountain Barber Co. pomade?

• Made in small batches

If you have ever purchased a pomade that was dried out or quickly became dried out after opening you understand that freshness matters. One of the things that I really like about Rocky Mountain Barber Co. is that they formulate their pomade in small, quality controlled batches. This helps ensure that every jar of their pomade is of the highest quality and freshness.

• Easy to work with

While texture and consistency can vary greatly with strong hold pomades, this gel type pomade from Rocky Mountain Barber Co. is very smooth and easy to work with. It’s easy to scoop from the jar, it breaks down between the hands quickly, and it allows for quick and easy styling with minimal hair tugging or pulling.

• A little goes a long way

While usage will vary depending on your look and style, I find that you don’t need to use a lot of this pomade to achieve a strong, all-day hold. If you’re looking for a more natural look and feel with a little bit of flexibility, you’ll find that just a dollop will do. If you’re going for the solid “helmet hair” look, a few extra scoops of this stuff is more than capable of getting you there. To each his own.

• Very reasonably priced

One of things that I like most about Rocky Mountain Barber Co. pomade is that it doesn’t cost a small fortune even though it’s a really high quality, premium performing product. It’s also worth noting that it comes in a big 5 ounce tin. Considerably more than most competitors.

Zeus Firm Hold Pomade

Tin of Zeus firm hold pomade

When it comes to the best strong hold pomades for men, I highly recommend you check out this firm hold gel pomade from Zeus. If you’re unfamiliar with Zeus, they are a California based company that specializes in a long line of premium men’s grooming products including: beard care, hair care, skincare, combs, and brushes. And just like pretty much all of Zeus’ products (at least the ones I’m familiar with), their firm hold pomade doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality and performance. Not only does it provide a long lasting, strong hold, but it’s formulated with premium ingredients, it smells awesome, and it’s priced affordably.

What else is great about Zeus pomade?

• Water-based

While oil-based pomades are great for some men they certainly aren’t for everyone. Water-based pomades like Zeus on the other hand offer a lot of the same great benefits as oil based pomades, but are significantly easier to wash from the hair, and don’t have an unpleasant sticky or greasy feeling.

• Hair beneficial ingredients

Aside from the strong, all-day hold, one of the things that really stands out to me about Zeus pomade is the fact that it’s formulated with hair beneficial ingredients. What’s inside:

  • Jojoba wax – Derived from an American shrub, this natural wax is full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help improve hair and scalp health and strength.
  • Aloe vera – Naturally conditions and moisturizes the hair and scalp, helps smooth hair, reduces dandruff, and even helps promote hair growth.
  • Keratin – The main protein found in hair and skin, keratin helps improve hair health, thickness, appearance, growth, and even helps form the skin’s natural protective barrier.
  • Castor oil – A highly moisturizing oil that’s derived from castor beans. It contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids that have been shown to improve blood circulation to the scalp – which can help promote hair growth.

• Awesome scent

Definitely one of my favorite smelling options, this pomade features Zeus’ signature Verbena Lime scent that smells fresh, clean, citrusy, fruity, slightly sweet, and slightly floral. It’s masculine without being to strong or overbearing. It’s definitely worth a whiff if you’re looking for a great smelling strong hold pomade.

Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade

Jar of Suavecito firm hold pomade

When discussing hair pomades the name Suavecito is bound to come up. While some guys like to hate on the brand due to its popularity, the fact is Suavecito pomades are one of the best selling and most well reviewed pomades on the market. The fact that Suavecito pomade is highly accessible (easy to find), very reasonably priced, and does exactly what it’s supposed to, makes it simply one of the best and most trusted pomade brands on the market. Since this list is all about the best strong hold pomades, Suavecito Firme Hold pomade is what I’m going to discuss. Firme Hold offers an incredibly strong hold that is great for pretty much any hairstyle you can throw its way. Whether it’s slick backs, pompadours, side parts, or quiffs – Suavecito Firme Hold can handle it.

What else is great about Suavecito Firme Hold pomade?

• Smells great

Ask any guy that has used Suavecito Firme Hold what they like most about it and I can almost guarantee one of the first things they will mention is the scent. Firme Hold has a very masculine cologne type fragrance that smells damn good in the hair. It isn’t strong or overbearing, but it definitely adds a masculine touch to the hair and it stays there all day.

• Easy to work with

One of the things that makes Firme Hold so great (and so popular) is how easy it is to work with. It effortlessly scoops from the jar, it breaks down in the hands incredibly easy, and even though it’s a strong hold pomade – it works through the hair with ease.

• Washes out easy

Unlike oil-based pomades that can be a total pain in the ass to wash out of the hair, Suavecito Firme Hold is a water-based pomade – meaning it dissolves when it comes in contact with water. So don’t worry about endless showers and spending a small fortune on bottles of shampoo with this pomade. One shampooing is more than enough to completely cleanse the hair and rinse all the Firme Hold down the drain.

Layrite – Superhold Pomade

Jar of Layrite Superhold pomade

Originally created for barbers, Layrite Superhold pomade is definitely a solid choice if you’re looking for a premium strong hold pomade for men. The brand Layrite was founded in 1999 by a barber named Donnie Hawley, and his goal with Layrite pomade was to create a product that holds like a wax, but easily washes out like a gel – and that’s exactly what makes this product so great. Superhold is a water-based gel pomade and it provides an excellent all-day hold that can handle pretty much any style you’re willing to throw it’s way.

What else is great about Layrite Superhold Pomade?

• Easy to work with

While it’s pretty common for a strong hold pomade to be difficult to work with, Layrite Superhold thankfully is a little different. This thick gel pomade scoops very easily from the jar, it breaks down incredibly easily in the hands, and it works through the hair quickly and easily. And when it comes to styling, Superhold doesn’t tug or pull hair, and it doesn’t dry too quickly – allowing plenty of time for styling.

• Fresh scent

One of things that I really like about Superhold is the light, fresh scent. Layrite calls it a Mild Cream Soda scent and I would describe it as lightly sweet and fruity with a hint of vanilla. It’s very pleasant without being too strong or overbearing.

• Easy to wash out

Since Layrite was originally conceptualized to be easily washed from the hair, it only makes sense that this is one of its strong points. Just like all Layrite pomades, Superhold is incredibly quick and easy to wash from the hair with just warm water. If you’re the type of guy that doesn’t use shampoo everyday, Layrite is perfect because it completely dissolves from the hair with just water.

Viking Revolution – Extra Firm Hold Pomade

Jar of Viking Revolution Extra Firm Hold pomade

When it comes to best strong hold pomades, Viking Revolution Extra Firm Hold Pomade is definitely a top contender on my list. If you’re not familiar with Viking Revolution, they offer a long line of hair care and grooming products for men. Not only is there stuff very reasonably priced, but it works really too. Definitely worth checking out. Their Extra Firm Hold Pomade is a gel pomade and it’s specifically formulated for men who are looking for a strong, all-day hold, with a medium/natural finish shine. In regards to performance, this clear gel pomade is very easy to break down between the hands and work through the hair. It leaves hair feeling flexible and re-workable (with water) throughout the day – not hard, stiff, or crunchy. It’s certainly a top contender on this list and definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for an extra firm hold pomade.

What else is great about Viking Revolution Extra Firm Hold Pomade?

• Nice shine without the helmet hair look

One of the things that I like about this pomade is that it offers a nice “healthy shine” but doesn’t leave the hair looking and feeling like a rock. It also doesn’t turn crusty and flake up throughout the day.

• No scent

So this might be a plus or a negative depending on what you like, but the fact that this Viking Revolution Pomade has no scent is a plus in my book. While I do enjoy a great smelling pomade, it’s definitely nice to have an unscented option to go to from time to time.

• Reasonably priced

If you’re looking for a great performing strong hold pomade that doesn’t break the bank, I highly recommend you check out this Viking Revolution Extra Firm Hold Pomade. It’s very reasonably priced compared to many of the other “premium” pomades on the market, but it still works great and offers a ton of bang for your buck.

Battle Born Grooming Co.

Jar of Battle Born Grooming Co. pomade

If you’re looking for a strong hold pomade that is incredibly easy to work with, this offering from Battle Born Grooming Co. might be exactly what you need. And when I say incredibly easy to work with that’s very much an understatement. With the look, texture, and feel of a thick lotion, Battle Born pomade is easy as hell to scoop from the jar, easy as hell to break down between the hands, and yes you guessed it, easy as hell to work through the hair. It’s lightweight, not overly sticky, and it doesn’t tug or pull on the hair during styling. And when it comes to hold, Battle Born pomade provides a firm (lighter side of firm) all-day hold that looks very natural – not hard or crunchy.

What else is great about Battle Born Grooming Co. pomade?

• All-natural ingredients

What’s not to like about all-natural ingredients? Battle Born Grooming Co. formulates their pomade using only safe, all-natural ingredients that they meticulously source from select farms and growers. It contains no parabens, petrochemicals, animal based ingredients, or artificial colors.

• Smells awesome

When it comes to great smelling hair pomades, Battle Born pomade is definitely one of my favorites. It has a bay rum fragrance that smells incredibly masculine, and can be described as warm, spicy, sweet, woody, and very inviting. It’s definitely worth a sniff.

• (Battle) Born in the USA

One of my favorite things about Battle Born pomade is that it’s handcrafted in small batches right here in the good ol’ USA (Las Vegas). That means you can expect nothing but the freshest, highest quality pomade every time you place an order.

Dapper Dan – Heavy Hold Pomade

Tin of Dapper Dan Heavy Hold Pomade

When nothing but a heavy hold pomade will do, Dapper Dan pomade is certainly worth checking out due to its premium quality and incredibly strong hold. Unlike most of the other pomades on this list, Dapper Dan Heavy Hold Pomade is oil-based, which means it has a high gloss shine, and is easily re-workable throughout the day without adding water. If you’re unfamiliar with the Dapper Dan brand, they were founded in England in 2011 and specialize in grooming and styling products for men. While their Heavy Hold Pomade is the strongest hold pomade in the Dapper Dan lineup, they also offer a water based pomade (medium hold), clay, and paste.

What else is great about Dapper Dan Heavy Hold Pomade?

• Easy to wash out for an oil-based pomade

One of the things that I really don’t like about oil-based pomades is that they are a total pain in the ass to wash out of the hair. What’s great about this Dapper Dan Heavy Hold Pomade is that even though it’s oil based, it doesn’t contain any petrolatum and it’s water soluble. And while it’s not quite as easy to wash out as a water-based, it’s dramatically easier to get out of the hair compared to most oil-based pomades.

• Smells really good

One of the first things you’ll notice about this Dapper Dan Heavy Hold Pomade is the awesome scent. Once you unscrew the lid off of the metal tin, your nose is greeted with a very unique and masculine fragrance of licorice and vanilla. It smells warm and slightly sweet, without being too strong or overbearing.

• High shine

If you’re one of those guys that prefers a high shine finish to his hair, this Dapper Dan pomade is definitely worth checking out. Just like a good oil-based pomade should, it leaves hair looking very smooth and shiny, and is perfect for slick backs, side parts, and classic style pompadours.

• Re-workable

Because Dapper Dan is an oil-based pomade, it provides a strong hold that is easily re-workable throughout the day without having to use water. Once it’s applied, it never fully dries in the hair so re-styling with a comb or your hands is quick and easy.

Blind Barber – 90 Proof Pomade

Jar of Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade

If your hair style needs an incredibly strong hold but you prefer a more matte finish to your look, Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade is definitely worth checking out. Offered in a premium quality jar, this strong hold pomade has the look, feel, and texture of a thick lotion, but provides an absolute ton of grip and hold. Unlike some strong hold pomades that can be difficult to work with, Blind Barber Pomade is very easy to scoop from the jar, work between the hands, and apply to the hair. The strength of its hold is actually quite surprising considering how easy it is to work with.

What else is great about Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade?

• Smells awesome

One of the things that makes Blind Barber pomade so great is how well rounded of a product it is. Not only is it easy to work with and has a very strong hold, but it smells friggin awesome too. Infused with tonka beans, Blind Barber 90 Proof pomade smells warm, rich, spicy, sweet and masculine.

• Matte finish

Not all guys are looking for that high shine finish from their pomade; some prefer a more natural look. Blind Barber leaves hair with a no-shine, matte finish that looks very casual and laid back. Perfect for everyday use.

• Infused with hops

As it turns out, hops are for more than just brewing beer. They actually offer some benefits for the hair too. When applied to the hair and scalp, hops are known for their ability to condition, improve hair thickness, and even help eliminate dry skin and dandruff. Hops in a pomade, who would’ve thought? This might explain why it’s called 90 Proof.

Thanks for checking out my list of best strong hold pomades for men. If you found this article helpful, check out my list of best smelling pomades for men. As always, if you have any comments or questions feel free to drop me a line in the comment section below.